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[Declined]Protection warrior ''Balldar'' Empty [Declined]Protection warrior ''Balldar''

Post  balldar on Wed Jul 02 2008, 23:07

In-game name: Balldar
Class and spec: Protection Warrior ( fury atm but ill give you an in-game inspect of my tanking gear or just wait for armory )And if ur full on tanks you could always consider offer me a trial as fury. (lack enchanting but i just need to do a few dailys then i got enchantings)
Armory link:

Why are you applying to Bloodpack?
Cause im looking for an TK/SSC/MH guild or better.
Miss it so much. And Bloodpack seemes like a nice guild with friendly members. Wink

Have you played with anyone in Bloodpack before, who might vouch for you?
Haven't played with anyone from Bloodpack.

What previous guilds have you been in, and why are you planning to/have you left your last guild?
Im in Justice at the moment, and the reason why im looking for a new one is that they are only doing KZ/GL/ZA and i dont find them so friendly or talking much.Thats why.

Tell us a bit about your history and experiences in WoW. How long have you been playing? Why do you like playing your chosen class and spec? What have you done up to this point in the game?
Have been playing 1 year and 7 months now and i choosed warrior cause it seemed cool.(warrior wasnt the first char i maked that was a pala that are 70 now with full epic)
I've played warrior pretty long and have learned the class good.I like playing the class cause you can choose between some cool specs. PvP, PvE dps and Tank and I like that Smile.
I have learned warriors talents, abilitys and many other thing like for example what to use in diffrent situations. And have also learned some bosses their abilitys and what you gotta do to do the best of the situation. And have learned to respect raid leaders, listen at all people even if he/she got the lowest rank you can get. Have also learned some diffrent areas in Azeroth and Outland and where to go to learn mining, go do some dailys etc.
So after that long time playing WoW i have learned some diffrent things.


How interested are you in PvE raiding?I LOVE raiding, and its so fun to discover new places, new bosses and see new abilitys from diffrent mobs and bosses. And its very fun to down a new boss i've never downed before. But the thing i like most with PvE raiding is that after i have downed a boss im very proud over myself and then im thinking ''Yes i've done it!!! Hes DEAD!!!'' Its also very fun once i've downed a boss its almost just as fun to take him again. Smile Well i dont like 10man bosses that much but i love 25man bosses!

How much experience do you have with PvE content in the game? (e.g. what raids have you taken part in, do you do heroics etc.)
Not completed:
ZA (5/6 all exept Zul'Jin)
SSC (2/6 hydross and lurker)
TK (1/4 Void Reaver)

Are you available during our raid times? Can you make all days or only some?
If i say like this i can make 80%-95% based on a month. its only sometimes a RL thing comes up like dinner at a friend or something like that but its not happening that often, well it never happens almost.

What PvE-related add-ons do you use?
Group Calendar, Deadly boss Mod, Omen threat meter. Thats all im afraid but if u just say what addon that could help me tanking better then ill download it right away.

We're a fairly social guild, not just logging on for raid times and then disappearing for the rest of the week. How would/do you fill your playing time when not raiding?
Well im atleast online 3hr when not raiding 2-5 days a week and sometimes more then 3hr, sometimes 5 ,sometimes 6 ,sometimes 1. Depends if anything needs to do in RL and if its nice weather outside or just rainy.You understand.

Raiding's not cheap. Flasks, buff food, oils, and ofc repairs all cost money and time, and so does keeping your gear gemmed and chanted properly. Are you able to support your raiding expenses?Yes that shouldn't be a problem.

Additional things to add?Well /w me in-game for any other information or anything u dont got clear.


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[Declined]Protection warrior ''Balldar'' Empty Re: [Declined]Protection warrior ''Balldar''

Post  Finde on Thu Jul 03 2008, 16:19

Hello Balldar,
Thank you for spending the time to write an application, but at this moment in time we are full on Protection Warriors and even Fury/Arms Warriors, so we'll have to decline your application.
Hope you find a guild that meets your demands.


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