Runax-70 lvl Tauren Hunter

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Runax-70 lvl Tauren Hunter

Post  Runax on Sun Nov 25 2007, 14:03

Name in WoW:Runax
IRL name:Stefan
Country:Bulgaria(Its near Turkey if u don't know it ^^ )
Hi Bloodpack.I would like to join your guild because I've heard alot of good things about it.Here are my stats in raiding spec(Survival)
499 Agility
1550 RaP
25.5% Crit
11% Hit
See ya soon and i hope i will get an answer here or /w me ingame ^^


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Re: Runax-70 lvl Tauren Hunter

Post  Guest on Mon Nov 26 2007, 21:12

Thank you for your application, Runax.
However, we are currently not looking for more hunters.
I wish you good luck in finding a new guild though. Smile


Officer of Bloodpack


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