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Post  shadowma on Thu Jan 03 2008, 22:30

Real life name: Joachim Vesrstuyft

Your Character

Character name:Shadowmage
Your talent spec at L70 (Please link to a talent calculator) (willing to change if asked):frost
What role does your character fulfil in a raid, and how do you do it well?: dps i guess and aoe

Reasons for Applying

Current/Latest WoW Guild: Horde of holland
Reasons for leaving (please give details): There was nothing to do at lvl 70 just getting /w from guildies asking for boosts and getting sick of it
Why do you want to join Reprisal?: It looks like a great guild that has fun and goeson raids and a couple of friends of mine r in this guild thats probably my main reason
What can we offer you?: A good guild with fun and raiding experience
What can you offer us?: A solid guild member that helps where he can and whants to go on raids if possible
Where did you hear about us?: I was looking for a new guild at for lvl70 and i asked friend what guild he has ...
Do you know anyone in the guild?: soulblood one of my best friends and the guy just applied :Obelisk i know from horde of holland
Anything else you want to tell us?:i don't have much experience in raiding and stuff but i am very willingly to improve


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Re: joining

Post  Kareha on Sat Jan 05 2008, 05:23

Hi there

First of all thanks for applying, unfortunately you seem to have copy and pasted your application from another guilds website without changing the guild name. Secondly, we're currently not looking for anymore mages at this moment in time.

I wish you luck in finding a guild that suits you.



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Post  shadowma on Sat Jan 05 2008, 17:02

I took Obelisk his apply for an example,but i didn't forget to change guild name.We were in the same guild...
thanks anyway Sad


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Re: joining

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