Banthros - level 70 warlock.

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Banthros - level 70 warlock.

Post  Instylee on Tue Mar 18 2008, 00:50

In-game name: Banthros
Class and spec: warlock 41/5/15
Armory link:

Why are you applying to Bloodpack? Because my main(druid) was hacked a few days ago, and now i would like to start play this char that have been my alt before.

Have you played with anyone in Bloodpack before, who might vouch for you? Nope, i havent.

What previous guilds have you been in, and why are you planning to/have you left your last guild? as i said, i have been hacked, and this char was my alt, so i havent been in aly guild.

Tell us a bit about your history and experiences in WoW. How long have you been playing? Why do you like playing your chosen class and spec? What have you done up to this point in the game? my experience pre-tbc and; ZG, MC, AQ20. in tbc; kara, gruul, magtheridon, 2 bosses in ssc, and 2 bosses in tk. well, warlock is the funniest class imo,thats why i leveled it, but when i got into a very good guild on my druid, i geared up my druid with full t4 and t5 leggings, so then i made my druid my main. but not is my warlock my main, reason; look above.


How interested are you in PvE raiding? I'm very interested in that.

How much experience do you have with PvE content in the game? (e.g. what raids have you taken part in, do you do heroics etc.) Look above, also done all heroics.

How much time can you make available in a week for raiding? Well, i can raid when it is raid i guess Smile

What PvE-related add-ons do you use? I use the most of the needed ones, omen, DBM etc.

We're a fairly social guild, not just logging on for raid times and then disappearing for the rest of the week. How would/do you fill your playing time when not raiding? I will go heroics/help guildies and farm when i have time ofc.

Raiding's not cheap. Flasks, buff food, oils, and ofc repairs all cost money and time, and so does keeping your gear gemmed and chanted properly. Are you able to support your raiding expenses? Ofcourse!

Additional things to add? Im going away tomorrow, for a week, so i will be inactive then. After that, i will be back in action!


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Re: Banthros - level 70 warlock.

Post  Rhiannon on Tue Mar 18 2008, 00:54

Thanks for the interest Banthros. We'd be happy to give you an invite.

Now on Kazzak!


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