[Declined] Yunnaleska X-realm resto druid

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[Declined] Yunnaleska X-realm resto druid

Post  Dinos on Tue Nov 17 2009, 01:52

Information about your character:

Good day, I'm a resto specced druid hoping to join the ranks of Bloodpack.Now, I suppose you want to get to know more about me so that you can decide for yourself whether or not I would be good for your guild.



Race: Tauren

Sex: Female

* What are your talents? Do you mind changing them a bit? What about a totally different talent tree?

14-0-57 - Resto
no, If it is for guild benefit.
well my second spec is Balance and i can change if guild wants to but my gear is medium

* What glyphs are you using and why?

Glyph of Swiftmend for a instant and powerfull heal
Glyph of Rejuvenation more raid healing
Glyph of Wild Growth for bettter raid healing

* What professions did you pick, and why?

Inscription for shoulder enchant
Jewelcrafting for +SP gems

* How is your gear? Provide an armory link to your character in PvE gear, for the spec you are applying as. Comment on your current gear. Mention any offspec gear you have.

atm i use all the best items that i have but i think that 4 set t8 is the best for a resto druid i that i will use in most of the raids

* Do you use mouseover healing macros or similiar mecanism, which ones. (If u are a healer)

for my healing duties i use Grid (i have add many debuffs that i need) and Decurse i am not clicker and i use keybindings + 1-2 macros (swiftness+HT)

* What is your experience in end game raid instances? Include pre-tbc and tbc instances if applicable. Include also all experience in Hardmodes.


1) all 5 man instances
2) ZG --> clear
3) AQ20 --- clear
3) MC --> clear
4) Onyxia--> clear
5) BWL --> clear
6) AQ40 ---> clear
7) Nax ---> clear


1) all 5 man instances (heroic mode also)
2) Karazhan --->clear
3) ZA ---> clear (i have done many times the event and i have the bear mount)
4) Gruul--->clear
5) Magtheridon --->clear
6) SSC -clear
7) TK -->clear
Cool BT -->clear (20/10)
9) Sunwell --> Kalecgos (yes)
Brutallus (yes)
Felmyst (yes)
Twins (yes)
Muru (yes) before nerf
KJ (best try until 20-25% before nerf kill after)

(10) Eye of Eternity:Cleared
(25) Eye of Eternity: Cleared
(10) The Obsidian Sanctum(3D): Cleared
(25) The Obsidian Sanctum(3D): Cleared
(10) Naxxramas: Cleared
(25) Naxxramas: Cleared
(10) Ulduar:Cleared + all Hard modes and i have kill Algalon
(25) Ulduar:Cleared + all Hard modes + Algalon
Crusaders' Coliseum (10) all bosses normal and HM
Crusaders' Coliseum (25) 5/5 normal and HM

some stats from last raids with Perfectly SAne

* How often do you play World of Warcraft? On what times and days of the week are you usually online?

During progression periods, time schedule is not an issue to me, as I will be available for as long as it is
necessary for the raid, and I would miss a day only if there are serious problems IRL.
at 95% occupy with the work the morning (the afternoon I occupy employees and my related persons) whenever I have free all afternoon for other activities (more usual is naturally WOW)
Any usual events that impend on your playtime: Nope
Any upcoming events that impend on your playtime: Nope

About you, the present, and the future in WoW

Well currently i have been raiding hard with Perfectly Sane having a 85-90% attendace with making it as much as i can ( slight dip for missus bday ect) but with the problems that has been happening in my current guild and the way things are forming im looking to find another place that is willing to accept me on there raiding team. After that once i am settled i will pretty much stay there untill either a disband or some unforseen cercumstance. Definately wont be leaving for any other game.

* What guild(s) have you been in before applying to Perfectly Sane why did you leave them? Is there any Officer from your previous guild we can contact?

I was long member of the guild The logical Cube but atm i am not happy with this guild as we have players with low skills and this stop as to have a good progress in Ulduar and have soonish some hard modes
Also even if i am a member for a long time and i have the priority for the legendary Mace(i have 2 drops ) my leader don't give me priority to be part in the raids (bad rotation) trials >members
after this i join at the guild Devious Intension but during my trial period guild D/B
i transfer my char again for the guild Dissidence but also they D/B after 2 months sad
my last guild is Eternal Gahtering but the last 15 days i did have a misfortune after I had the new flu and was in the hospital in a lot of bad situation for 15 days. now i am back i don't have any health problem i can play every day but my guild don't take me in the raids
whenever I would want to make a new beginning in a new guild that can count on me as his unit and as person above all
my last guild was Perfectly Sane (change faction) and with them i have done all HM at ToGG (i was in the first kill on Anub) but in the next weeks after the kill of anub officers start to act strange (in every wrong /die you do at any try you need to pay 200g in the bank ,they start to kick ppl) somthing that i didn't like and left the guild

* Do you have Ventrilo 3.0 + Microphone/Headset, and are you able and comfortable with talking on vt?

yes i have vent and Mic set and i can use them during the raids

* Post a screenshot of your ui while in a 25 raid and in combat:

sorry i don't have screenshot during raids but only during PVP
i will try to post a new photo asap during raids the next days

* Post all your keybindings (we assume you use keybindings and if they are not visible on the screenshot):

` = Lifebloom
1 = rejuvenation
2 = Swiftmend
e = Wild growth
3 = Nourish
4 = Regrowth
macro siftness +HT

Information regarding your motivation:

* What do you seek in Bloodpack and why do you play WoW?
Well appart from the obvious, with the prestigious names in the guild and not to mention the guild itself. I find my self attracted to the fact that i will be in the mist of some of the most skilled players and who i think i will be very able to keep up with in my current class and role. That taken into consideration i a major factor for me that has help me choose is the fact that there is allot of activity and what seems and will be a long life span with the guild, as through out my entire wow career i have been plagued with inactivity and disbands, but enough of that. I hope you enjoy my application.

* How will Bloodpack benefit from recruiting you?
various reasons., very very dedicated and will always give 110% to anything that i do even if its just sitting idle soaking up the atmosphere. I am very knowledgeable of the druid class, for all specs, situations and encounters ( not just pve). I am also a very socialable person always willing to talk and always willing to help out as much as i can and im a very through believer of if something has to be done that it has to be done with full passion and dedication.
Also a skilled raider and listen to instructions and follow them correctly, and if there is the chance that i do make a mistake as were all human after all i can take the criticism no matter how bad it my seem without causing drama.

Knowledge and theorycraft. Do you read theory about your class? How do you keep yourself up to date? Which sites and forums do you visit?

the answer to this is simpley yes, i do read allot in-depth about my class and the mechanics of playing each and every individual spec. Unfortunaltey i am also a bit compulsive when it comes to this (mainly thanks to arena) as i also skim through basic theorycrafting for other classes as well like most i just have to know how things work and how things can be countered. As for the sites that i visit to keep up-to-date there are various ones, From druid wiiki, Ej, shadow panthers, and of course official blizzard forums. i also do allot of the maths and calculations myself as i dont trust allot of the item comparison tools like rawr. Yes there good but there not always correct so its always a good idea to cross check.

What's your opinion on learning/progress raids?
Well when there is testing on the test relms for new instances i always try my best to get involved in them. if not i always always befor a new encounter watch videos and read the a few stratergies to familiaries myself with the encounter. But then its all down to how the raid leader wants to attempt the encounter as everyone has some slight variation to it. Also i spent 3 months wipeing over and over on muru pre patch so i know what its like to be stuck on the same encounter, the wating just gave us a bigger sense of achievement even though it was slightly dinted by the patch

* Do you know anyone in Bloodpack who can recommend you?
sorry its x-realm application so i don't know anyone who can support my application

Information about yourself:

Name: Kostas

Age: 32

Location: Greece

Occupation: athletic journalist

Previous MMO’s played: FF online and Lineage and a bit AOC

Other favourite games: all RPG games ,atm i am playing Gothic 3,Divinity 2,Sacred 2

* Describe yourself as a person, in real life and as a raider:

I am a responsible person who knows the difference between what I must and what I have to do. I have a huge sense of humor that I show to the people around me whenever it is the appropriate moment, I am serious and continuous on the things I have decided to do, and I have never given up on anything. I make sure that I treat my friends and companions as good as I can and I consider myself someone who can always be counted on.

I hope to be able to play/raid with all of you soon and get the most possible from it
You can expect of me somebody who is compromised, with lots of will and who can always be counted on.
Thanks for your time on reading this application, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Most Sincerely


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Re: [Declined] Yunnaleska X-realm resto druid

Post  Rhiannon on Tue Nov 17 2009, 02:42

Thank you for the lengthy application, was interesting reading. Am I correct to understand you were only with Perfectly Sane for about three weeks?

Actually, after a bit more digging I see that you copy/pasted your app to Perfectly Sane, doing a find and replace with Bloodpack Wink. I was trying to work out who on earth in guild could be considered a "prestigious name". Anyway, while I can appreciate filling out applications in new and exciting ways can be rather difficult, copy/pasting in a rather sloppy manner doesn't leave the best first impression.

Anyway, beyond that, your gear and experience level are very attractive, we'll get back to you shortly.


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Re: [Declined] Yunnaleska X-realm resto druid

Post  Dinos on Tue Nov 17 2009, 02:58

Well i have make a good application and i add whatever need to ,sorry because i don't follow the **Application template** but i can change my application if you insist:)
as for Perfectly Sane yes i was 3 weeks trial but i think that when you are trial in a guild it judges you if you are capable to join also I have the right το judge if the guild its good for me
so i think such type of behaviors (never have see the same in any guild that i have join) is unacceptable and i decide to leave the guild and look for a new home



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Re: [Declined] Yunnaleska X-realm resto druid

Post  Stylez on Tue Nov 17 2009, 05:50

Tree gief.
And you were in TLC as in the TLC on Eonar?
Got a couple of mates who are/were in that guild, pretty damn good they were in TBC.

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Re: [Declined] Yunnaleska X-realm resto druid

Post  Dinos on Tue Nov 17 2009, 20:03

Yes i was in the guild TLC (Eonar) for around 1 year ,i know many ppl from there like Ariales and Shemanheap we have good progres when we start Ulduar but we have to much slacky when we start Hard modes and many good players left the guild but as i can see now they are back and have good progres not somthing special but they are going well Smile


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Re: [Declined] Yunnaleska X-realm resto druid

Post  Rhiannon on Wed Nov 18 2009, 03:33

Thanks for the application, after some consideration we're going to decline it. We're currently reconsidering whether we actually need another healer at all, something that, given recent changes in people's circumstances, may not be the case.

For future reference, if you are going to re-use an old application, it is sensible to read through it a few times and make sure that you've edited it sufficiently to be 100% relevant to the guild you're applying to, e.g.

"* What guild(s) have you been in before applying to Perfectly Sane why did you leave them?" should probably have read "before applying to Bloodpack" if "my last guild was Perfectly Sane" is going to be part of the answer.


"* What do you seek in Bloodpack and why do you play WoW?"
"Well appart from the obvious, with the prestigious names in the guild and not to mention the guild itself."

being a straight copy/paste from your application to your previous guild really doesn't make it look like you've put a lot of thought into the answer - last I checked, we're not a particularly prestiguous guild with prestigious names.

And lastly, whilst there's nothing wrong with creating your own application, it really ought to contain all the information that our own application template asks for. Obviously, as we've asked those questions, the answers are important to us, so omitting them doesn't make a great impression.


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Re: [Declined] Yunnaleska X-realm resto druid

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