[Trial] Sanakthe, Destruction Warlock.

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[Trial] Sanakthe, Destruction Warlock.

Post  Sanakthe on Mon Feb 15 2010, 20:43


Name(optional): Rony

Age: 5 days till 22!

In-game name: Sanakthe

Class and spec: Orc Warlock - Destruction. I am willing to change spec if needed for a particular fight. I have experience with all 3 specs raiding wise and I have no problem playing them at all. I started raiding as Affliction in the beginning of WotLK when it was pretty solid at the start of Naxx, then switched to Demo/Destruction (the Hybrid, Felguard spec), then Deep Destruction when I had the gear for it when Ulduar hit, I also played Deep demo for a while in Ulduar for the Demonic Pact buff because of not having an Elemental Shaman at that time.

Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Anachronos&cn=Sanakthe

Are you the original owner of the account/character you're applying with? Yup yup.

What framerate do you generally play at in 25 man raids? Is your PC and internet connection reliable? What's your average latency to the game servers during evenings?

I usually play at 40+ fps, with full settings that is. If I lower my settings it goes up by a good amount. My internet provider is a great provider with no connection problems at all. No random disconnects, no lag spikes etc. I believe it's 45 Mbps. Latency is also perfect, usually around 30 in the evenings.

Why are you applying to Bloodpack?

I am applying to Bloodpack because I want to be part of a progress hungry community. I tried to enjoy the game as a 'casual' but failed miserably. The reason I am playing this game is to down all content Blizzard throws at us with a team of experienced and skilled raiders, spending a good time on it, and have a fun time doing it.

Have you played with anyone in Bloodpack before, who might vouch for you?

I have played a pretty long time with Failmax, I mean Elmax.. I bet he can vouch for me, if not then we're not BFF's anymore. I also played with Echo for a little while, but that's a loooooong time ago. TBC to be exact.

What is your current guild and why are you planning to leave?

Awesome guild of awesomness 'Age Quod Agis' (I had to check how to spell it too). As I said earlier my casual adventures failed miserably, I just couldn't stop noticing all the progress that has been done by guilds and all the new gear and BiS item lists. Well, this is a guild of my IRL mates that I know for quite some time, and they basically haven't got the time/patience to raid so they started this little guild so they can do heroics and whatnot together. I joined them to see how long it would take for me to get nuts, two months to be exact.

Why I want to leave is because my goal in this game is to down new content, that's it. I can't enjoy other little stuff like reputation grinding, levelling an alt every other week, or pvp just to pass time. If I'm playing this game I need to down new content, or else it will not work for me. Ofcourse, inbetween raids I can enjoy these things, but knowing I'm not in a raid guild and I wont kill any new bosses and all that's left for me to do is 'all that I mentioned before' is a big no-no.

What previous guilds have you been in?

I'll spare you from the leveling guilds I've been in on my journey from 1-70.

My first real raiding guild was Platinum on the Anachronos server. It was a guild setup by members from a previous guild on the same server that disbanded some time earlier. In this guild I've cleared everything up to to SSC - Lurker and TK - High Astronomer Solarian in just a month. When we we're progressing further our two main tanks left the guild and we couldn't find any suitable replacement so our progress started to back down immensely, atmosphere changed drastically in the guild and some people started to leave. One of the officers made me an officer so I could help him with recruitment and raid leading. After some time we decided to do the unthinkable, change servers and start all over again. So we went to the Blade's Edge server and some of our core members came with us - at that time WotLK hit and we started to level asap to do Naxxramas. In the meantime I was VERY disappointed in the server, it was empty basically, no recruitment pool and no activities at all. When some of us hit 80 and we had enough for Naxx 10, we cleared it. But I really had enough of the server and being an officer, I just wanted to experience the game as a 'regular' member, so I went back to Anachronos with a mate who was also made an officer in that guild.

This is when I joined Cold Logic, with my mate, Dysastria/Rhamnousia. I had the best time ever in Cold Logic, experienced people, good progress raids, good atmosphere. This is a guild I spent a lot of time with and ye, was proud to be in.

Fast forward to a year later which was in November/December '09 I got kicked from Cold Logic because the GM thought I was dodging the guild and playing Aion instead, while the truth was that my PC was broken for a good month (Packard Bell service, gotta love it). Tried to convince him I was not dodging the guild but he didn't want to hear anything from my side. This was pretty a hit below the belt. Felt really fucked up afterwards because of the good times I had with them and amount of time I've put in the community.

So here I was, unguilded and feeling shit. I had some friends that started their own guild, where I completed TotC 10 and 25 and TotGC 10 man. But the low sign ups and the lack of interest in progress wasn't making me feel at home there.

So, I convinced myself to move servers again in hope I would find a good guild where I could enjoy raiding again at a good pace. I left to Stormscale with Baaraa, Janzeer and some other people, you guys probably know them. Once there I joined a guild called 'nam'. A guild with good progress and a solid organization. Here I cleared TotGC 25 with 'A Tribute to Mad Skill' and did the first four bosses in ICC. All in all it was great, full of activity on the server and basically always something to do.

But here come the biggest downsides of Stormscale: QUEUE'S. LAG. On some days it went up to 900+ queue's, not kidding. And sometimes you get disconnected while being afk waiting for the queue, so you have to start all over again. And the lag, the lag was so horrible in Dalaran, like all the time, and on Wednesday and Thursday raids, with 2-3 sec delays. It was NOT fun. I haven't seen a server that's SO populated, at first it seems awesome, but in the evening it's just not doable to be honest. In the end I decided to call it quits for a while just to rest for a bit, because alot of stuff happened at that time irl.

It's time for a fresh start now and hopefully it will be a good one.

If this is a cross-realm application, should you be accepted for trial, how soon can you transfer here?


Do you currently have any pending application with any other guild? If yes, who with?

No, I do not have applications pending with any other guild.

Do you have any high level alt characters? Have you raided with them before?

I have a level 80 shaman called Hasslehoof (original amirite) on Anachronos. I never play with him as he's on another account of a friend mine, he gave me his account after he stopped and I leveled his shaman to 80. I got carried through ToC10 once iirc and did some heroics on him, that's about it. I really like the shaman class tho, if I play him I usually go resto. I will gear him up someday by doing alot of heroics, but I need to focus on Sanakthe first.

What interests and hobbies do you have outside of the game?

I love music, without music I think I'd go mad. I listen to literally everything, I'm open for every kind of music, but the main genre's I've been listening too are Dubstep, Chillout, Metal, Drum'n'bass, Blues. Since music is one my biggest hobbies I started DJ'ing 3 years ago, did some Drum'n'bass and Dubstep gigs, but some time ago I bought an electrical guitar, it's nice to learn how to play a 'real' instrument. Also gaming is one of my hobbies, wasn't really a fan of MMO's back in the day, used to play Counterstrike and FPS games but WoW just amazed me with the options you have in an MMO, it's never-ending in a way. I also play a lot of CoD:MW2 these days with irl mates. And watching movies is a big plus too!


What is your past raiding experience in the game to date? Please only include content that you cleared at the appropriate level cap - we're not interested if you cleared AQ 40 last week.

Molten Core - none.
Onyxia - none.
Blackwing Lair - none.
- none.

The Burning Crusade:
Karazhan, Zul'Aman, Gruul's Lair & Magtheridon - Done all.
Serpentshrine Cavern & The Eye - SSC 3/6 TK 3/4
Mount Hyjal, Black Temple & Sunwell -
First boss in Hyjal.

Wrath of the Lich King (excluding commonly pugged content):

Naxxramas 25 - Done.
Malygos 25 - Done all.
Ulduar 10 - Done all incl. hardmodes.
Ulduar 25 - Done all, except for a few hardmodes.
ToC 10 normal - Done all.
ToGC 10 heroic - Done all.
ToC 25 normal - Done all.
ToGC 25 heroic -
Done all.

Please list any achievements from a raid environment that you have and feel we should know about.

Glory of the Raider (25).
Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10).
Tribute to Mad Skill (25).
Ulduar 25 hardmodes I did are:

  • Orbit-uary
  • Heartbreaker
  • I Choose You, Steelbreaker
  • Lose your Illusion
  • I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare
  • Freya +2
  • Yogg +3 (for the mace) and some +2 tries

Are you available to make our raid times? If there is a night when you can attend some times a month, but not always, please state so.
Thursday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]/[N] Y.
Friday = 19:30-23:30 [Y]/[N] Y.
Sunday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]/[N] Y.
Monday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]/[N] Y.
Tuesday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]/[N] Y.

Do you use these following addons?
Deadly Boss Mods / Bigwigs - Yes. I use DBM.
Omen - Yes I do.
DoTimer or some other sort of spelltimers - Yes I do. I use Classtimer as my dottimer.
Grid - No, but I have a pitbull raid frame that shows the whole raid and their hp bars etc. Not as extensive as Grid but it does it's job. If this is a problem I can change it, np.
Any other addons which you feel should be mentioned?

I use Ora2, don't know if you guys use it..

If possible, please try to provide a screenshot of your UI in a raiding setting. If you aren't able to get one from inside a raid, a screenshot of it from a battleground will suffice.

These are two old ones, but I still have the same UI - some of my spells might have moved to somewhere else:

These are my keybindings if you're interested:

1 = Chaos Bolt
3 = Immolate
4 = Death Coil (awesome for self healing nowadays)
5 = Incinerate
Shift +1 = Curse of Elements (put any Curse here that I need to do)
Shift +3 = Conflag
Shift +4 = Lifetap
Shift +mouse button 4 = Shadowbolt (it's on 5 if I play a SB spec)
Shift +c = Summon Teleport
Shift +mousebutton 5 = Teleport
Shift +S = Soulshatter
Shift +H = Use Healthstone
Shift +B = Cooldown macro for BL (Blood Fury + Potion of Wild Magic + trinket (if I have a 'Use' trinket))

that's about it I guess.

With blizzard adding optional "hard-modes" to future encounters, we're intending to beat the more difficult version of each fight, not just the basic version. Are you prepared to spend the time re-learning encounters to beat them in their hardest incarnations?

Sounds like a good plan to me.

Are you prepared to sit out if an encounter requires a certain raid composition for which you are not ideal?

I am willing to sit out if it's beneficial for the guild's progress. It's a team we're working in after all.

How do you fill your playing time when not raiding?

Practising the guitar since a while, watching movies, going out with mates and I'm into web-design lately - so I'm learning to code for fun. I don't have college this year as I don't know which direction I want to in as of yet. And I don't want to waste another year by choosing the wrong education.

Raiding's not cheap. Flasks, potions, buff food, and of course repairs all cost money and time, and so does keeping your gear gemmed and chanted properly. Are you able to support your raiding expenses? What consumables do you typically use?

This is a part of raiding for me, I love to maximize my performance so this includes farming mats for consumables, farming gold/mats for enchants etc. I usually use Potion of Wild Magic and Flask of the Frost Wyrm for raids. For food I bake myself some Firecracker salmon, I always have a few in my bags for if there's not a fish feast around. And if there's a seasonal I often buy the food or drink that gives extra spellpower and stacks with the flask/food.

Why have you chosen your particular spec/class? How familiar are you with your class' other specs? Would you be willing to respec if the raid required it? Do you have dual-spec?

I have chosen Destruction as my spec because it's the spec with most output damage available at the moment. Affliction is good too but I haven't tested it out on the new bosses in ICC. I used it on the first four bosses in ICC and I got better damage with Destro. So if there is a new fight where Affli might be better I am more than willing to change spec and play it. I also have experience with Demonology, altho a bit less than Affli and Destro, but I know the basics alright. Might need to get used to it again in a raid environment. And I have dual-spec, yes.

What is the general gearing strategy you follow for your class? Please be as specific as possible.

Most importantly I aim for Spell Hit Cap first. If I am lacking hit from gear I spec into Suppresion. After hit I go for Spellpower>Haste>Critical. We, warlocks, get alot of Critical strike from talents and especially from Imp. Empowerment, therefore going for haste is more beneficial. The trick is to get a nice balance in your stats, don't waste alot of crit/sp for a bit more haste for example, I like it to be balanced. I'm hardcapped at the moment, when I cannot get enough hit from gear I try to stay at 11% hit so I can be at 14% with Suppresion, the boomkin or spriest buff will help me out. If those two are not available I have a hit trinket to compensate for the hit loss.

Please give a brief description of how you go about doing your job in a raid. What's your DPS cycle/priority system if you're a DPS? What spells do you use in what situations as a healer? How do you go about maximising threat whilst minimising incoming damage, as a tank? What more is there to tanking than those two aspects? Use a particular boss fight as an example if it will make it easier to talk about.

As a Destruction warlock there isn't really a rotation except for the starting rotation. It's all about spell priority - what I do when we engage a fight is Lifetap first for the buff I get from the Glyph, cast a Corruption on the boss when I'm running to my spot. If I'm on CoE duty I cast that first, if not I will cast CoD -> Immolate -> Chaos Bolt -> Conflag -> Incinerate Xx -> the spell that's off cooldown first, usually CF -> CB -> refresh immolate -> etc.. I use Chaos bolt before Immolate because Immolate tends to take a while to be fully applied to the boss, it says it's applied but I have a bit of delay on it, I can't cast CF directly - and that is a dps loss, so I start casting CB first.

If you want to know my rotation for Deep Demo or Affliction just let me know.

Do you use external resources (such as 3rd party forums, spreadsheets, simulations) to research your class and spec? Give examples, links, and commentary if so.

I check Elitist Jerks from time to time. A lot of useful information that can be obtained there, however I only use that information as a rough guideline. I always test things out myself on the dummy's/bossed to see how I can adjust my play style to that information. In the end I'm playing my character not them. I also check MMO-Champ every now and then, not that often tho, and I visit the Ensidia forums - that's about it.

How do the professions you've chosen benefit you in raids?

JC give the awesome JC only gems, 3x 39 spellpower is amazing. Alchemy gives a longer flask duration and +47 SP because of the 'mixology' passive spell, which is awesome in my opinion.

Please provide a recent combat log parse (e.g. WWS, WMO, WoL) of your character in a raid environment if you have access to one.

I don't sadly. All the parses I was in are deleted.

Any additional things you'd like to add?

Hopefully my gear won't be a burden to you guys. I tried to get as many as emblems as possible in the time I was not raiding in a guild, but since some irl stuff happened a while ago I had to miss quite a few lockouts.

All I can say is thanks for reading my application if you have come this far. Ofc, if you have any more questions about my gear choice/spec/anything go ahead!

Again, thanks for reading.



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Re: [Trial] Sanakthe, Destruction Warlock.

Post  Rhiannon on Mon Feb 15 2010, 21:02

Very nice application! We're going to give you a trial.


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Re: [Trial] Sanakthe, Destruction Warlock.

Post  ochayethamoo on Tue Feb 16 2010, 08:59

What are the other chars on Hasslehoof account, I have a STRONG feeling I used to play with him possibly on Azjol Nerub a couple of years ago

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Re: [Trial] Sanakthe, Destruction Warlock.

Post  Noktus on Tue Feb 16 2010, 11:01

ochayethamoo wrote:What are the other chars on Hasslehoof account, I have a STRONG feeling I used to play with him possibly on Azjol Nerub a couple of years ago

I remember a hasslehoof from Azjol too stu....

Wonder if its the same person.

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Re: [Trial] Sanakthe, Destruction Warlock.

Post  ochayethamoo on Tue Feb 16 2010, 11:50

think another char would be called avenicus

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Re: [Trial] Sanakthe, Destruction Warlock.

Post  Sanakthe on Tue Feb 16 2010, 12:50

Nope, there's a mage called Klopgeest on it and a hunter called Kanibaal.. Haven't ben to AN with these chars - there's like a million Hasslehoofs around..


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Re: [Trial] Sanakthe, Destruction Warlock.

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