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Rogue app

Post  Lepar on Fri Apr 04 2008, 23:39

Hey guys. Just thought ide reapply being as how my new home isnt feeling like home, more like a mental institute. Bloodpack was like a home away from home Smile and basically i wanna rejoin you guys, kinda feels like im begging but its how i feel. + i miss all the ppl who owned it up in ZA with me Razz u know who u all are!.

Hope to see u guys soon Smile

Name : Lepar
Class : Rogue
Level : 70

Nuff said .......


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Re: Rogue app

Post  Found on Sat Apr 05 2008, 00:45

Hey Lepar,

As opinions were quite divided bout you, and you coming back, I'm sorry to tell you we're not taking you back atm. I'm sure alot of ppl would be happy to have you back, but also some would question staying in this guild if you rejoined. Also, we're not recruiting anymore dps atm.

I do hope you can find a guild that will suit your needs Smile



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