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[Declined] Prot Warrior Application Empty [Declined] Prot Warrior Application

Post  shatagrok on Thu Jun 17 2010, 04:42


In-game name: Shatakrot
Class and spec: Warrior , Tank
Armory link:http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Anachronos&cn=Shatakrot

Why are you applying to Bloodpack?
*I'm looking for hard-core PvE guild, fast progres, fun.You're guys doing well.

Have you played with anyone in Bloodpack before, who might vouch for you?

*Well I played with Kanedot,Naralie,Firefightern at TBC (i was lock)

What previous guilds have you been in, and why are you planning to/have you left your last guild?

*Genesis(wow vanilla) Waco, Darksecret , renegades(TBC) CORE (my bank guild) and Team Nordic (wolk)

Do you currently have any pending application with any other guild? If yes, who with?
*No I don't.

What interests and hobbies do you have outside of the game?

*Guitar , Chemisrty ,cinema, books ( Dan brawn and antony burger fun here Razz)


What is your past raiding experience in the game to date?

Wrath of the Lich King:
Normal Raids - Naxxramas, Malygos, Sartharion, VOA ,TOC ,ICC. i never been in ULDUAR, because i was join to military 15 month ago and i m back a few month ago.
Heroic Raids - TOC10

Are you available to make our raid times?

Thursday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]
Friday = 19:30-23:30 [Y]
Sunday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]
Tuesday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]
i m active player.time np for me

Do you use these following addons?
Deadly Boss Mods / Bigwigs - [Y]
Omen - [Y]
DoTimer or some other sort of spelltimers - [Y]

Any other addons which you feel should be mentioned?
*AtlasLoot, Recount, item rack,quick marker,heal bot , lootster

How do you fill your playing time when not raiding?
*Farming for gold ,prof skill up , lvl up for alts and pvp (rogue ,druid)

Raiding's not cheap. Flasks, buff food, oils, and of course repairs all cost money and time, and so does keeping your gear gemmed and chanted properly. Are you able to support your raiding expenses?

Why have you chosen your particular spec/class? How familiar are you with the your class' other specs? Would you be willing to respec if the raid required it?

*i was play whit holy pala at 2005 .i playing prot warrior now and i love my class and spec.i saw alot of nerf buff etc but its no problem for me.i m skiller player. a lot of prot warrior in anachronos but i m a bit different. i play deverse warrior.

Do you use external resources (such as 3rd party forums, spreadsheets, simulations) to research your class and spec? Give examples if so.
*Yes I always try to keep myself up to date. I'm checking forums about specs, good suggestions, read peoples comments. Tankspot, MMO-champion

Any additional things you'd like to add?
*I apoligize if there is any inaccurately word. English is not my 1st language.
I hope I can be usefull in guild and help Your progress.
I like tanking but if guild need , i can respec too also got druid (balance/resto) , warlock (demon/ dest) ,Holy pala.. if warr population high others roles too honor for me.

ty for listen have a nice day. Kadir.


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[Declined] Prot Warrior Application Empty Re: [Declined] Prot Warrior Application

Post  Feyri on Thu Jun 17 2010, 12:28

You've overlooked quite a few questions from our template, and those that you did respond to were relatively shorter than expected.

Regardless, we are not looking for another dedicated tank at the moment.

Good luck elsewhere.


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