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Post  Dronga on Sun Jun 20 2010, 15:46

Name : Paolo
Age : 18
In-game name : Dronga
Class and Spec : Death knight
Armory Link : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Anachronos&cn=Dronga

Are you the original owner of the account/character you're applying with? Yes

What framerate do you generally play at in 25 man raids? Is your PC and internet connection reliable? What's your average latency to the game servers during evenings? Framerate is about 45-50. My PC and internet connection is generally good about 1 DC the most a week. Latency generally good but once got up to 500 but ussually around 100 maybe 150 depending where i am

Why are you applying to Bloodpack?
Because I want progression mainly and i heard this guild is good with friendly people plus ive got good gear and should be in a guild that can kill the Lich King and not wipe on Marrowgar nearly every week in my old guild alien

Have you played with anyone in Bloodpack before, who might vouch for you? No but sometimes i talk to morrt

What is your current guild and why are you planning to leave? In a social guild atm and looking for a raiding guild

What previous guilds have you been in? Raiding guild's .. one when i was alliance named Maelstrom and none on horde and one social on horde.

If this is a cross-realm application, should you be accepted for trial, how soon can you transfer here? Im in Anachronos

Do you currently have any pending application with any other guild? If yes, who with? No i do not.

Do you have any high level alt characters? Have you raided with them before? No

What interests and hobbies do you have outside of the game? I play football with a team I watch football I hang around with my mates i go school.


What is your past raiding experience in the game to date? Please only include content that you cleared at the appropriate level cap - we're not interested if you cleared AQ 40 last week.

Classic: Started WoW at beginning of WotLK but i hav done a couple
Molten Core -
Onyxia -
Blackwing Lair -yeah
Ahn'Qiraj -yeah
Naxxramas -

The Burning Crusade: Started WoW at beginning of WotLK
Karazhan, Zul'Aman, Gruul's Lair & Magtheridon - Zul'Aman and Gruul's Lair
Serpentshrine Cavern & The Eye -
Mount Hyjal, Black Temple & Sunwell -Black Temple and Sunwell

Wrath of the Lich King (excluding commonly pugged content):

Naxxramas 25 - never done it
Malygos 25 - never done it
Ulduar 10 - about 6 i think
Ulduar 25 - none
ToC 10 normal - 5/5
ToGC 10 heroic - never done it
ToC 25 normal - never done it
ToGC 25 heroic - never done it
ICC 10 normal - 8/12
ICC 10 heroic - never done it
ICC 25 normal - 4/12
ICC 25 heroic - never done it

Please list any achievements from a raid environment that you have and feel we should know about.
Well I have [(The PlagueWorks 10 player)] and Valithria down but unfortunately most good guilds when i was an alliance were full on Dk's

Are you available to make our raid times? If there is a night when you can attend some times a month, but not always, please state so.
Thursday = 18:30-23:30 emm probs be on later because summer coming
Friday = 18:30-23:30 emm probs be on later because summer coming
Sunday = 18:30-23:30 emm probs be on later because summer coming
Monday = 18:30-23:30 emm probs be on later because summer coming
Tuesday = 18:30-23:30 emm probs be on later because summer coming

Do you use these following addons?
Deadly Boss Mods / Bigwigs / DXE - DBM. yeah
Omen - Yeah but dont use it often
DoTimer or some other sort of spelltimers - No but i will download
Grid - Well i hav X-perl raiding frames if that what Grid is
Any other addons which you feel should be mentioned
Recount shows how much damage taken by take how much healing done by healers and how much DPS done by DPS

If possible, please try to provide a screenshot of your UI in a raiding setting. If you aren't able to get one from inside a raid, a screenshot of it from a battleground will suffice.
Link : sorry dont got one

With blizzard adding optional "hard-modes" to future encounters, we're intending to beat the more difficult version of each fight, not just the basic version. Are you prepared to spend the time re-learning encounters to beat them in their hardest incarnations? Yeah i love a challenge.

Are you prepared to sit out if an encounter requires a certain raid composition for which you are not ideal?
Happened with me with my alliance guild's sometimes so i dont mind a bit

How do you fill your playing time when not raiding?
Lvl my pally alt emm do SoH daily's and farm saronite and the other ore (forget name)

Raiding's not cheap. Flasks, potions, buff food, and of course repairs all cost money and time, and so does keeping your gear gemmed and chanted properly. Are you able to support your raiding expenses? What consumables do you typically use?
I have cooking so can supply buff food free , i buy my own flasks and always enchant/gem my gear i use mainly Flask of Endless Rage and i also use Dragonfin Fillet.

Why have you chosen your particular spec/class? How familiar are you with your class' other specs? Would you be willing to respec if the raid required it? Do you have dual-spec? Because when i was blood i didnt do as much dps as i do now and im very experienced with my class' other spec . i wouldnt mind respeccing if it was required and i do hav duel spec

What is the general gearing strategy you follow for your class? Please be as specific as possible. Build up Strength as much as possible because it is prior for my class.

Please give a brief description of how you go about doing your job in a raid. What's your DPS cycle/priority system if you're a DPS? What spells do you use in what situations as a healer? How do you go about maximising threat whilst minimising incoming damage, as a tank? What more is there to tanking than those two aspects? Use a particular boss fight as an example if it will make it easier to talk about.

I will use Lord Marrowgar as an example. First i will make sure i have my zombie out with me then i will use Horn of Winter. When we are just about to start the encounter i use my Blood Fury i will then make sure i stay inside the hitbox and make sure i dps the bone spikes aswell

Do you use external resources (such as 3rd party forums, spreadsheets, simulations) to research your class and spec? Give examples, links, and commentary if so. no i do not

How do the professions you've chosen benefit you in raids? Well i hav Jewelcrafting which i can make free gems if the raid supply me wiht mats and my mining is nearly up full and dont know what tat does to guild Razz

Please provide a recent combat log parse (e.g. WWS, WMO, WoL) of your character in a raid environment if you have access to one. sorry i dont have access to one.

Any additional things you'd like to add? I do know i am not needed 100% in the guild because Dk's seem to fill up As soon as the guild is made so im just asking please to let me join the guild and hopefully let my little brother watch me kill the lich king (which he is very excited about ????) and to kill the lich king b4 cataclysm come out .

thank you for reading my application and good by


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[Declined] Dronga DK Empty Re: [Declined] Dronga DK

Post  Feyri on Sun Jun 20 2010, 17:14

Lackluster application at best.

You gave absolutely no information regarding your rotation as a Death Knight, buffing Horn of Winter and using Blood Fury is hardly a portion of your DPS.

Stacking Strength isn't the only thing important for Death Knights and I suggest you read the gemming strategy of an Unholy Death Knight more closely in the official Elitist Jerks thread.

Combine this with your amazing promise of attendance, leads me to disqualify your application.

Thanks for applying.


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