Zalkesh - Tauren Warrior

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Zalkesh - Tauren Warrior

Post  zalkesh on Sun Oct 14 2007, 20:57

Hey there! Very Happy

I'd like to join Bloodpack cause it seems like the perfect guild for me and people in it seem to be nice Smile I have just transferred to Anachronos 2 weeks ago so I don't know alot of people Razz I'm in a small guild called Bad to the Bone at the moment but we are not raiding at all or doing instances, and that's pretty much what I want to do Smile

I can be both fury and prot if needed (prefering fury). I have almost full karazhan and gruul's lair experiance (and a little bit of TK) and know my class well Smile Right now I'm PvP spec'd, but will respec right the way if you ask me to Smile
My tanking stats are about:
13.6k hp
510-520 def
19-20% dodge
16.3% parry
14% block
and about 12k armor. Some of this may be abit more when I'm protection spec'd Smile (block for example will be about 5% higher)

DPS (fury) stats:
8.8k hp
1.3k AP
139 Hit Rating
22% crit chance

Thanks for reading Smile



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Re: Zalkesh - Tauren Warrior

Post  Vash on Mon Oct 15 2007, 12:10

"the perfect guild" xD

Just kidding, m8, I hope you get accepted as fury and hope to see you in action soon! An early "welcome" to Bloodpack! Wink

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Re: Zalkesh - Tauren Warrior

Post  Kareha on Mon Oct 15 2007, 15:15

Hi there Zalkesh

Thanks for taking the time to apply to our guild, I would like to offer you a 2 week trial, this is for both our benefit and also for yours Smile At the moment we are in need of another tank so if respeccing isn't a problem then that would be great Smile

Give me a shout in game and I'll throw you an invite Smile



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Re: Zalkesh - Tauren Warrior

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