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Post  Firren on Thu May 15 2008, 21:58

Hello my name is johan and I come from sweden.
I'm 14 years old and playing most for fun
I'm intrested by joining this guild because that im tired of pvp.

Char name: Firren
class: Hunter
Specc: I'm Bm atm but can respecc if needed
Armory link:
played time: 36 days
Allts: 48 Mage,56 lock ,43 pala, 40 shaman and some more

Instances/Raids exp
Kz: cleard but a bit rosty
Za: downed 3 bosses but a bit rosty too
Tk: downed voidreaver can still remeber tactics
Gl: Wipe on first boss Sad

Latest guilds I can remeber:
War Nation/ I left Because my friend and I were planning to make a new pve guild
Dear Me / They kicked me they sad I was too inactive on sites forum
Waco / They kicked me When i was trail they sad that i need more pve gear when i was trying to get more of it.
Name os / I left, they sad it was an active pvp guild but it wasn't

I'm Applying too Bloodpack because I Think it is a nice and friendly guild.
I hope that more then me thinks that raids isn't just about killing bosses we are gonna have fun with eatchother too. Well I love to get items when we are raiding but if some one realy realy need a thing more than me then i can pass. One of my best friends have told me how fun he thinks it is with pve,so why should i be stuck in pvp? Very Happy

If i know any one in Bloodpack ?
Dont know atm if i have some friends there I just saw that Ragescream had nice pve gear so i thinkt i might be able to get in the guild.

Why did i chose Orc Hunter ?
Well I love my char i would never sell him or change him, it's me and my char we belong together xD
Some time I wonder why I made a Horde, but know I know, I just love Horde They are much nicer with eatchother and we have alot more fun i think.

My raiding times..
on week days I can start raid at 18:00 or 19:00 too 23:30 max 24:00 atm
I will not raid every day cuz i want some sparetime too.
On weekends I can raid as much as I want

What I'll do when not raiding.
Well I'll be online sometimes for pvp, but will mostly be playing on my alt/ally cuz my friends are playing there but ofc i'll be online on horde side too just because i love em xD
And I'll be online to do dailys.

If i have enough money to get repairs,gems,ench?
Yea I have enough money well I'm doing dailys every day and tryind to get the best gems or ench for me.

Hope this is apply will be enough to get in the guild cuz I would love to be raiding agien (ps) If you only see my pvp gear on armory link mssg me in game so we can meet eatchother


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Firren Bm hunter Empty Re: Firren Bm hunter

Post  Found on Fri May 16 2008, 09:40

Dear Firren,

As we are quite full on hunter's atm, and your gear isn't extraordinary, I'm afraid we can't accept your application.

I hope you will find a guild where you dó get a spot for pve raiding.

Kind regards,


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