Resto Shaman looking for good guild

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Resto Shaman looking for good guild

Post  Duck on Wed May 28 2008, 22:59

In-game name: Elmax
Class and spec: Resto Shaman
Armory link:

Why are you applying to Bloodpack?
Because I wonna join a good raiding guild, with friendly and good playing players.
Have you played with anyone in Bloodpack before, who might vouch for you?
Yes, I played with Liken some instances before.
What previous guilds have you been in, and why are you planning to/have you left your last guild?
I was in "The Legion of the Doom" & "Vanguard". I plan to left my last guild because we dont make raids. Sometime some guild runs in some heroics, but realy rare.
Tell us a bit about your history and experiences in WoW. How long have you been playing? Why do you like playing your chosen class and spec? What have you done up to this point in the game?
I play WoW for about 1 year. I like shamans, because they can be good dps on melee & with spells. Also they are good healers. They have nice healing buffs on heal target. I lvled 70 before few days, and allready healed heroics.


How interested are you in PvE raiding?
I'm very interested in PvE.
How much experience do you have with PvE content in the game? (e.g. what raids have you taken part in, do you do heroics etc.)
Like i said before, I done many heroics, and tryed Karazhan with my guild.
Are you available during our raid times? Can you make all days or only some?
Well, usually I can come all days.
What PvE-related add-ons do you use?
I use Quest Helper and Atlas.
We're a fairly social guild, not just logging on for raid times and then disappearing for the rest of the week. How would/do you fill your playing time when not raiding?
I'm doing daily quests, some heroics and PvP.
Raiding's not cheap. Flasks, buff food, oils, and ofc repairs all cost money and time, and so does keeping your gear gemmed and chanted properly. Are you able to support your raiding expenses?
Yes, I'm able to support my raiding expenses.
Additional things to add?
No need.


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Re: Resto Shaman looking for good guild

Post  Found on Wed May 28 2008, 23:26

I'm sorry, with your current gear we can't take you to SSC nor TK, not to speak of MH. Please join a kara guild, get more raid experience and try again in a month or 2 Smile

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