[Declined] Me and some friends.

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[Declined] Me and some friends. Empty [Declined] Me and some friends.

Post  Severnak on Thu Aug 14 2008, 18:54

Hello there, i am currently looking for a decent raiding guild on a friendly Server and i was told about this one. Me and some friends are currently looking to join a raiding guild who like to enjoy what they do.

We are -

Feral Druid (me)
Arcane/Fire mage
Protection Warrior
Holy Priest
Holy Paladin
Dest/Demo Warlock x 2
BM Hunter

I wondered whether you might be interested in taking us in if we transferred over to this Realm.

I don't think our gear is quite ready for BT yet however we are definitely willing to work as hard as we have to for our gear.

We can raid quite alot that isn't a problem for us.

If you have any questions then please E-mail me @ Justin-15@hotmail.co.uk




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[Declined] Me and some friends. Empty Re: [Declined] Me and some friends.

Post  Finde on Thu Aug 14 2008, 18:58

Thank you for the interest, but i don't think we can accomodate 8 people. Furthermore you have to follow the application temple, as many hours as it may take to write, it gives us a better idea of who we are allowing into our guild.

Please follow the template if you'd like us to take this seriously, but again, we can't accomodate 8 people. We can only review single applications at the moment.


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