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Post  destoth on Wed Oct 17 2007, 21:45

hey my names steven i would like to join bloodpack because ombrasanta told me it was an amazing guild and i would like to give it a try
i'm a level 66 frost mage aiming for 70 ofc Razz i'm a friendly helpfull talkative person i think i have a sense of humour XD
i like raids,instances and fun and i would like to give this guild a shot Very Happy and thats all i have to say really my application looks lame to all the rest lol


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Re: application

Post  Vash on Thu Oct 18 2007, 01:05

Well, he's frost but at least he's not a gnome...

Kidding, m8. Hope you get accepted, I'm around your lvl, hope we can quest together! Have fun, and an early welcome to Bloodpack!

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