[Declined] Tummyrubber - Feral Druid

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[Declined] Tummyrubber - Feral Druid

Post  Tummyrubber on Mon Feb 22 2010, 23:21

Name(optional): Floortje, you pronounce it like Floor-cha Very Happy
Age: 17

In-game name: Tummyrubber
Class and spec: Feral Druid
Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Anachronos&cn=Tummyrubber

Are you the original owner of the account/character you're applying with?
Yupperdoodles :>.

What framerate do you generally play at in 25 man raids? Is your PC and internet connection reliable? What's your average latency to the game servers during evenings?
In the evening while raiding usually have around 50-70 fps, and from 20-70 ms. Sometimes it can jump to around 100-150 ms, but that happens rarely. My pc is very fast, Macs ftw, and my internet connection, 10MB and very reliable. :}

Why are you applying to Bloodpack?
After stepping back from the game for a while for exams I'm ready to embrace raiding with a good atmosphere and experienced people. :>

Have you played with anyone in Bloodpack before, who might vouch for you?
Not really, but maybe a fellow Druid can be nice hehe, I always get along with druids, they're nice people ;D.

What is your current guild and why are you planning to leave?
My last guild was Renaissance, but I left because of differences with the guildmaster :<.

What previous guilds have you been in?
First some leveling guilds which I don't even remember the name of, but after that I went to Reckoning, a good raiding guild on the Alliance side, who taught me how to raid and the art of feral dpssing :]. It was a nice guild and I made friends very fast, after a while I had spoken to everyone and had a lot of fun.
When the Faction Change became available, me and the Core Raiders of Reckoning went to Horde and started the guild named Renaissance. I was a Veteran Raider there for 3 months, until me and my gm had some trouble and I took a break from WoW and after that I left.

If this is a cross-realm application, should you be accepted for trial, how soon can you transfer here?

Do you currently have any pending application with any other guild? If yes, who with?

Nope, only Bloodpack n_n.

Do you have any high level alt characters? Have you raided with them before?
Nope, this is my only level eighty. I have alot of alts who are around level 30-40, but then I make another new alt and forget about the other ones :p.

What interests and hobbies do you have outside of the game?
I play tennis and hockey, and I also follow guitar and singing lessons. When I have nothing to do I go on my old Gamecube or go outside with friends. But when I get bored of my Gamecube or the weather is bad, ofcourse I am on WoW :]. I'm a lazy person, I just like to be behind my computer Very Happy.


What is your past raiding experience in the game to date? Please only include content that you cleared at the appropriate level cap - we're not interested if you cleared AQ 40 last week.

I didn't play till TBC, and I dinged 70 3 days before WOTLK.
Molten Core
- None.
Onyxia - None.
Blackwing Lair - None.
Ahn'Qiraj - None.

The Burning Crusade:
Karazhan, Zul'Aman, Gruul's Lair & Magtheridon - None.
Serpentshrine Cavern & The Eye - None.
Mount Hyjal, Black Temple & Sunwell - None.

Wrath of the Lich King (excluding commonly pugged content):

Naxxramas 25- Done.
Malygos 25 - Done.
Ulduar 10 - 10/13.
Ulduar 25 - Done.
ToC 10 normal - Done.
ToGC 10 heroic - None.
ToC 25 normal - Done.
ToGC 25 heroic - 3/5.

Please list any achievements from a raid environment that you have and feel we should know about.

Are you available to make our raid times? If there is a night when you can attend some times a month, but not always, please state so.
Thursday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]

Friday = 19:30-23:30 [Y]/[N] Depends if I have a birthday to attend to or something, but mostly yes.
Sunday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]
Monday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]/[N] Depends if I have hockey on that day, so mostly no.
Tuesday = 19:30-22:30 [Y]

Do you use these following addons?
Deadly Boss Mods / Bigwigs - Yes, DBM.
Omen - Yes.
DoTimer or some other sort of spelltimers - DoTimer, yes.
Grid - Yes I have X-Perl and I love it! Very Happy
Any other addons which you feel should be mentioned?
Ora3, but I don't know if it's needed with you n_n.

If possible, please try to provide a screenshot of your UI in a raiding setting. If you aren't able to get one from inside a raid, a screenshot of it from a battleground will suffice.

With blizzard adding optional "hard-modes" to future encounters, we're intending to beat the more difficult version of each fight, not just the basic version. Are you prepared to spend the time re-learning encounters to beat them in their hardest incarnations?
Ofcourse, that's fun! I don't like doing the same thing over and over, so some variation and challenges are always good Very Happy.

Are you prepared to sit out if an encounter requires a certain raid composition for which you are not ideal?
Ofcourse that's no problemo, I'll just play on my gamecube >: D

How do you fill your playing time when not raiding?
I'll just do the daily heroic, just around in Dalaran, mining for money, just a bit of doing nothing hehe n-n.

Raiding's not cheap. Flasks, potions, buff food, and of course repairs all cost money and time, and so does keeping your gear gemmed and chanted properly. Are you able to support your raiding expenses? What consumables do you typically use?
Yes I am, when I sell some mined Saronite I'm loaded again baby! I usually use Flask of Endless Rage, and Hearthy Rhino for the Armor penetration.

Why have you chosen your particular spec/class? How familiar are you with your class' other specs? Would you be willing to respec if the raid required it? Do you have dual-spec?
Feral, because I like fighting with Energy, and after leveling as a Feral I actually didn't like the other specs anymore :p, and yes I'm familiar with healing, even though you shouldn't let me if you want to live :<. I would respec if needed, to anything really, it's all fun, but I'd rather just be there without having the possibility to whipe the raid haha Very Happy. And yes I do have dual spec! \o/ With some Ulduar leveled healing gear.

What is the general gearing strategy you follow for your class? Please be as specific as possible.

Well, AP, Agility, and Armor Penetration yesyes!

Please give a brief description of how you go about doing your job in a raid. What's your DPS cycle/priority system if you're a DPS? What spells do you use in what situations as a healer? How do you go about maximising threat whilst minimising incoming damage, as a tank? What more is there to tanking than those two aspects? Use a particular boss fight as an example if it will make it easier to talk about.
Well every fight is almost the same, keep Savage Roar and your DoTs up, and between that Shred alot, awesome damage! As a healer, your HoTs haha, and sometimes throw a Nourish or a Regrowth ;D. I don't do tanking alot , I only do it if I have epic healers with me.. :[

Do you use external resources (such as 3rd party forums, spreadsheets, simulations) to research your class and spec? Give examples, links, and commentary if so.
I check Elitist Jerks from time to time, just to help me top dps hehe. I also ask alot of other ferals for good dps cycles and hints and then I try it out on dummies or heroics Very Happy. And ofcourse MMO-champ for new changes and all that, and I sometimes re-read the healing guide on Ensidia, I just browse for interesting info and ask my fellow druids!

How do the professions you've chosen benefit you in raids?
I have enchanting for the ring enchants, and I also have Mining, that was my first profession, and I'm farming the mats to train my Jewelcrafting so I don't need to buy it all of the AH, I'm gonna take Jewelcrafting for the nice improved gems ;D.

Please provide a recent combat log parse (e.g. WWS, WMO, WoL) of your character in a raid environment if you have access to one.
Apologies, no combat logs at the moment :<.

Any additional things you'd like to add?
I guess I'm not the perfect application, and maybe you guys are already full on Ferals, thanks for reading, and if you ARE considering this application, I'm always ready to learn and adapt! Very Happy

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Re: [Declined] Tummyrubber - Feral Druid

Post  Rhiannon on Tue Feb 23 2010, 02:40

Thanks for applying, I'm afraid we're full on druids of all specs at the moment.


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